How to Find the Best Company WP Theme?

Company WP Theme – My Personal Collection.

I want to share with you my collection of a company WP theme s, I have 10 themes in total. 6 free, and 5 paid themes, which would fit at almost any occasion – whether you are small business owner, or a single professional,or just looking to build a small business card looking website –  these are great themes you might want to use to get more customers.

So, here they are :

  • Modern (Free)

  • Several 3 (Free)

  • WP Coda (Free with email)

  • The Unstandard (Fee)

  • Notepad (Free)

  • Pagelines (Free)

  • Iproduct (Paid)

  • Suit and Tie (Paid)

  • The Corporation (Paid)

  • Business Card (Paid)

  • EBusiness (Paid)

  • Modern

Clean, and minimalistic. Will work for a single professional, or for a small business, which just want some online presence.

  • Several 3

  • WP – Coda

Awesome looking premium quality company wp theme with built in slider.

This is the theme you must have in your collection – the only free theme, that has such a great visual experience as well as usability.
  • The Unstandard

Company Wp Theme

The Unstandard is great loaded with image thumbnails WP theme that could be great for some small businesses that have a great looking products. The center area could be used to promote a products (photos and small description will do the job, and at the same time you can show all the company info in the right column of the company wp theme.

  • Notepad

Company Wp Theme

Is the theme that can be used by the the single professional, who wants to open his own practice.
Great minimalistic disign, and easy navigation.

  • Pagelines

Company Wp Theme

Highly cusomizable platform, which allow you to create anything from a single – one column website to sofisticated 3 column business design theme.

 Company WP themes – Paid Themes:

    • Iproduct (65$)

Company Wp Theme

Appealing company wp theme, that allows you to put up several favorite product pictures with immediate purchase button. It is a clean elegant WordPress theme. You can sell online easily. If you need ecommerce function, then you need install wordpress ecommerce plugin. Also you can check my post on Ecommerce wordpress theme. The theme features a fully customisable front page, custom settings control panel, and 2 colour scheme options.

    • Suit and Tie (70$)

Company Wp Theme

Suit & Tie is a cool two column business WP theme by great web designer Bryan Veloso. A very good wordpress cms template for business/company/corporate websites. SEO friendly, with clean and powerful design.
    • The Corporation

                    (39$ for all 72 themes)


Company Wp Theme

The Corporation is a clean and professionally designed company wp theme for small business sites. Attain your visitor’s interest immediately with an awesome jQuery slider, and let them know who you are via simple yet powerful home-page design. TheCorporation will surely get an attention from your potential clients.

  • Business Card

    (39$ for all 72 themes)

Company Wp Theme

It is a simple, one page theme which provides visitor with  with clean and concise information. This wordpresss theme makes from your WP blog a  website complete with great JS effects and full gallery. Despite its unusual look, this theme is very easy to set up and a breeze to manage.

  • E Business

    (39$ for all 72 themes)

Company Wp Theme

This theme was made for those looking to use WP as a Content Management System. It uses a page layout, but, a regular WordPress-Style mode is available too. eBusiness is great for business or bloggers, who want to use WP to reach new level in their business. It comes fully equipped with an fully customizable option page, which will allow you to tweak this theme the way you want, 3 unique skin designes and 9 different colors, to ensure the no other company blog will look the same as yours.


So, any way whaterver company wp theme you choose – any of these great theme designs will help you to get more customers, and add more traffic to your website.

Thank you,

Your WordPress E store Theme Team.

PS. Don’t forget to use my company WP theme collection )

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