How To Choose The Best WordPress Theme for business

How to choose the best WordPress theme for business?

When you are creating a website with WordPress, you install theme that you like the most. But how you can be sure if this is the theme that will convert best? Here is how to choose the best WordPress theme for business.

That this is the theme that turn the visitor into the client?

In any business main goal is to convert the cold traffic into buyers. That is the only goal you spend your money and time, buy creating a website. Sometime is is easy to forget. But the only goal for any business owner is to make money, or he is not into business. So, when choosing the best theme for business, keep that idea in mind.

To pick the best WordPress theme for business first you need to keep in mind some guidelines for a good website.

Website for your business should be easy to navigate. It should have all the information about your business – phone, address (if you are local business), reviews, clear description of what services you provide, and working hours. Also, your website should lead to only one goal – to convert a visitor to a lead, so it should have – contact form, lead capture, call widget, and other ways to easy contact you.

When choosing best WordPress theme for business, you should first look for the themes that will provide you with these options, or that you can easy customize to make it look right.

How to choose the best WordPress theme for  business

There are many places where you can find a good theme. To find a free theme, you can go to first. This is the official website, made by WordPress foundation. They have abundance of different themes, which created by developers from all around the world. Downsides – most of the themes is not unique in terms of design, and most likely you will end up using the theme, that many other people uses. Also these themes has back links in a footer, which are hard to delete. These back links might cost you money if your visitors leave your site away by following this links, especially if you are buying traffic to your website.

How to choose the best WordPress theme for business

Another option to choose the best WordPress theme is to look at the premium templates – these are used only by a few people, uniquely designed, and sometimes has extra options, which are not provided in free themes. Such as free lead capture plugin for example, or specific to your niche navigation. Or custom engine for deep website customization, like for example Divi, by Elegant Themes. 

Another hot topic in premium website templates is a framework called bootstrap, which allows to create fully mobile websites. If your traffic comes from mobile as well – this would be the best option to choose. Most popular catalog of premium WordPress bootstrap themes called WrapBootstrap. Here is the link to example theme from them called Retouch.

Ok, you chosen several good WordPress themes. How to find the best of them?

The only option now would be to spend some money on real customers, and see their opinion. This is called A/B testing. And if you want to be sure that the theme you have chosen is the best – there is no other option but to test it on real traffic.

To do so you will need to install Google Analytics, and set up goals – these will help you to decide which of the themes will convert best. Then buy couple hundred clicks from Google Adwords, or some other traffic seller. And compare the themes in terms of conversion rates.

The one that will convert best would obviously a winner, and that is how you chose the best WordPress theme for your business.



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