Fast Blog WordPress Theme

Fast Blog WordPress Theme:

Fast Blog is a WordPress theme with some extra tumbler-like features. It’s perfect for easy blogging and thanks to the WooTumblog plugin (included) you can add posts quickly even from a mobile phone. Fast Blog has 6 types of post such as article, image, link audio, video and quote. Or you can create regular WordPress posts and pages too.

Fast Blog Features:

Fast Blog can also work as a regular website, some of the features of theme are 4 widgets, 106 social media icons, 5 short codes with over 100 variations, full width page template, Cufón font replacement, AJAX contact form (with validiation) working out of the box, fast, clear, CSS -only, multi-level menu, full translations support, threaded comments, Google Analytics support (or another tracking system), free updates + update notifier, and many more.

Dedicate Iphone App:

There is dedicated Iphone App called Express for WordPress, which make publishing fo Fast Blog with WooTumblog quick and easy.

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