How to Create a website of your dream for less than $50

I’ve created over 20 different websites with wordpress, which saved me at least $10 000 in website creation, as well as post creation service, support and help from a programmers. 

Why am I writing this post?

1 To show you the way to find a great looking designs, and then create a websites from it.

2 To help you represent your business on the web.

3 To show you that it is easier than you think it might be.

In short there are 2 parts – finding great wordpress design (theme), and installing it on a blank wordpress.

How to find a great looking design.

1 You can simply go to to website called Themeforest – and they have lots of different themes:


2 Choose your business niche:

3 Pick the best one (I usually sort by amount of sales):


4 Find the one you like

(You can find this theme by clicking on the link here)

5 Checkout

6 Find your files

You go to your downloads (, and get the theme files:

Install the design to your brand new wordpress.

1 To do so you can go to Fiverr:

2 Search it:


3 Choose the gig with good rating:


4 Order gig

Then provide guy details of your hosting, send him files you just downloaded.

And you got your website for just about $45 to $60.

Usually to complete it you will need to add the text about your services, images, and do a little tweaking but it could be done in couple hours manually.




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