How to Edit HTML in WordPress Theme

How to edit html in WordPress theme

For some of the coders question “How to Edit HTML in WordPress Theme” sounds quite obvious.

But, if you are newbie in WordPress, and just setting up your first website, it is not that clear.

To help you if you are total newbie – I have created this simple tutorial.

There are several ways to edit an html in WordPress theme, usually if you don’t have any coding skills you simply use an editor, that comes included with a WordPress.

To do so you simply go to the WordPress admin panel,

then to appearance,

and then to the editor.


Here you will see a list of all the theme files

There a several files, that is important for your theme appearance – one of them is called “single-page”, this file is where all the contents of the page is displayed.

There are 2 more files called header and footer, which are the same for every page. You will want to edit these if you want to delete the links from the footer from example.

How to edit html in WordPress theme – in the hard way

Another way to edit the template would be to edit the same files, but from the external editor. You can do that via FTP access for example, using Total Commander or Filezilla. These are the FTP managers that allow everyone to get to the content of the website, that is hosted on a web server. To learn how to set up ether one, you can simply google “setting up ftp access with ftp manager” for example.


To get to the same theme files you will need ot work your way through the wordpress folder structure.

The theme files are located inside wp-content->themes->

There you will need to look for the theme name that you have activated and currently using:

For example I am currently using Portfolio Press, and this theme is named the same in the file manager interface:

There you will see the same list of the files that you see from the WordPress admin panel.

How to edit html in wordpress theme – another good option.

To fully grasp the idea behind the wordpress, learn coding, and been able to customize any wordpress theme, or even to create your own, you can check the course from Udemy, called
WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap. This is a leading course, that is created for a newbies, and takes you from 0 to hero in just 12 hours of content.

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