Mingle – Fully Functional Community Portal WordPress Theme

Mingle – a Fully Functional Community Portal Worpress Theme:

Mingle is an awesome BuddyPress ready WordPress Theme. BuddyPress is a popular social network plugin for WordPress that lets your website to become a fully functional community portal. BuddyPress allows users interact through groups, forums, friends, status updates, private messaging and a lot more.

This theme has a flexible and highly spontaneous ability. Through the theme’s administration features, users are given full control of the website’s layout and design. Build attractive and amazing sites, even at a glance, through the simple and distinct way of managing the theme’s design.

Mingle Layout Manager and Contact Form Builder:

Mingle has a drag and drop layout manager that enables it to create custom layouts for any page or post. Through such layout manager, user can attach custom headers and footers and switch them in accordance to their preference. The theme’s layout manager offers amazing flexibility letting the user decide how the site looks and not the other way around. The theme also has a contact form builder that can be able to add custom fields to contact forms from the admin options. Attach and create any number of custom fields to any form with options like, custom validation, custom error messages, CAPTCHA and many more.

For more information of Mingle’s Layout Manager and Contact Form Builder, please visit the theme’s demo site.

Mingle Unbranded White Label Admin:

Mingle has a very flexible unbranded administration interface that has multiple options. Through this admin interface, users can add logo and other company details to the admin. Aside from this, users can also set permissions to restrict client access to theme options. Before sending the functional site to your client, you can optionally hide the developer panels to disable access to advance developer features. Visit Mingle’s demo site for more details about this interface.

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