15 Stunning Minimalist WordPress Themes

Minimalism is truly beautiful. That reminds me the quote by Albert Enstein…

Everything should be as simple as possible, but never simpler.

If You Ever Wonder What Minimalist WordPress Themes are:

Some people simply don’t like congested or cluttered things. I happen to be one of them. My style is simple, clean, organized but unique. I am sure I share this sentiment with quite a number of you out there.

Many are times people would come to my house and admire the simplicity look and beauty of the house. I like to acquire outstanding furniture which are eye catching and don’t crowd my room. I don’t see the point of stuffing things all over while most of them are generally underutilized. So my home is spacious with simple and witty decorations.

Keep it Simple and Minimal For your Visitors Too

Since this is an innate trait I transfer it to most aspects of my life including my website. This brings us to the center of this article which is about websites specifically about minimalist wordpress themes. Since I like simplicity, I am a great fanatic of minimalist wordpress themes.

Minimalist WordPress themes are those themes that have minimal or simple design. They do not utilize a lot of heavy graphics or animations and they are easy to navigate and manage. Simple themes are becoming a trend among many wordpressors because they maximize on usability.

Best Designs Are Comes from the Best Designers

Most wordpress themes are premium; colorful, flashy designs and complicated. Some bloggers as well as web-masters would rather have minimalist wordpress themes on their websites which are spacious, easy to use, inviting and user friendly.

If you are lookling for wordpress themes that have basic aspects of design yet classy, this article piles up some great minimalistic wordpress themes which would serve as a great place to start.

The themes might have simplicity, but they still have powerful features and current trends like responsive design which makes your site maintain a great look on various platforms including various mobile devices.


Minimalist wordpress themes – The Showcase

Previously called simple portfolio, is an ideal cure for those interested in a portfolio theme which is minimal and powerful. It has a simple approach that directs users to the artwork on the website. Portfolios can be easily customized and arranged in a single, 2 or 3 columns. The simple portfolio theme makes it easier to have a minimal, beautiful and yet professional portfolio.



Minimalist wordpress themes – Cumulus Pro

Cumulus pro is simply a minimal theme great for a portfolio. It will give your blog a turnaround making it to look stylish, clean and simply cool.


Minimalist wordpress themes  – Smart Portfolio

Smart portfolio is a smart and simple theme best suited for designers and photographers. It has a complete customizable homepage. The theme comes with an editable logo, slogan, footer and contact form.


Minimalist wordpress themes – Minimal

Minimalist wordpress theme has a friendly user interface making it easy for users to find their way around the site. This theme will make your blog sassy and give it a feel of elegance. Though minimal the theme is equipped with lots of advanced features and is ideal for a blog.


Minimalist wordpress themes – Elist

elist is a unique one among minimalist wordpress themes, specifically designed to allow creation of any kind of online directory. It is an exclusive, minimal, simple and outstanding wordpress theme. Users/visitors can also add new lists to the directory from their end. The theme has an integrated ecommerce feature which can be used to charge visitors for featuring their lists or for new listings.


Minimalist wordpress themes – Vulcan

This theme is minimal and well documented. It has a customizable homepage with custom page templates; Contact Page, Blog, Services, About, Portfolio, and such. The theme also comes with 5 color schemes and supports video from Vimeo and Youtube. One thing that makes people like this theme more than other minimalist wordpress themes is the fact that it utilizes the latest features.



Minimalist wordpress themes – Statua

Statua is yet another minimal wordpress theme ideal for photographers. Adding galleries and photos is as easy as snapping the fingers.  The theme allows you to customize the fonts to your taste. It has 4 widgets at the footer and it comes in 8 styles which allow you to style the background as you wish to suit your satisfaction. It’s beautiful and has a large display area.



Minimalist wordpress themes – Wikeasi

Wikeasi minimal theme is clean, looks simple and is ideal for a Wiki site. This wiki theme heaps a whole bunch of customizable wordpress functionalities such as a generator for table of contents, referencing system, a search facility with auto complete, numerous navigation menu areas and many more features.


Minimalist wordpress themes – Structure

The Structure Theme takes the form of a magazine layout. It can assume the style of the content added making it ideal for various site such as: music, arts, design, blogs and magazines. This theme is modern, has a minimal design and is responsive.


Minimalist wordpress themes – Equator

Equator is a minimalist and elegant wordpress theme with a modern appearance making it a powerful theme for a professional business website. Whether for a corporate or a portfolio website, the theme would do perfectly almost on any other website as well. It has a working contact form, documentation file, displays your art clearly and is available in 5 color schemes.



Minimalist wordpress themes – Cleanex

Cleanex minimalist wordpress theme is perfect for corporate sites, portfolio, business and companies. It is clean, simple, has a large and unbranded theme options and has 4 predefined skins among other numerous features. This theme could also be ideal for personal sites, blogs and portfolios.


Minimalist wordpress themes – Purity 

Purity is yet another “bold” theme from minimalistic wordpress themes designed for personal or business sites. It comes with plentiful features such as: it supports Vimeo and youtube videos, has guides to various elements, has 2page templates, short codes in dozens, extensive theme options uses a color picker hence multiple color and layout variations. All these features and much more are engulfed in a clean minimalistic design.



Minimalist wordpress themes – WP Clear theme

WP Clear is a clean theme with a professional like design. This version of WP Clear, 3.0, is a responsive design and has a built in control panel with multiple templates and page layouts. This theme is suitable for a business website, an online magazine or a business blog.


Minimalist wordpress themes – Feather

Feather is a simple theme that has been designed with a lot of care. It has unlimited color schemes and theme options page and great detailed textures. If you are in search of a simple design that is stylish and remarkable, this theme is worth considering.


Minimalist wordpress themes – WikiBase

This theme will simply transform your site into a wiki resource center or a base of knowledge. It is ideal for people interested in starting or advancing their site to a knowledge site. It has excellent support, tutorials and theme guide. It is available in 5 in-depth color schemes.


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