Versatile 3 – with 11 Unique Newsletter Template

Versatile 3 – with 11 Unique Newsletter Template:

Versatile 3 theme is the combination between the 11 unique newsletter templates, an easy to use automated layout creator that allows the creation of new newsletter templates instantly, modular layouts that simplify extending/ adapting newsletter templates and robust, properly tested and commented source.

The Layouts:

The layouts of Versatile 3 have been designed and choosen so as to maximize the number of newsletter styles and types covers. So weather you need a generic 2 column newsletter or something that you can use to present a product / online service / eshop catalog etc, you will find something to use between the 11 newsletter templates included. And if nothing fits your needs you can always create a new newsletter layout in minutes with The Layout Creator System.

The Layout Creator System / Modular Layouts:

The layout creation system of Versatile 3 was designed with a clear goal in mind: allow people to focus on the most important part of the newsletter – the content – by providing a way to easily create any kind of layout, that works in all major email clients, in minutes…

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