Website – Versatile and Responsive WordPress Theme

Website – a Versatile and Responsive WordPress Theme:

Website, a versatile and responsive theme, adapts to the device on which it’s displayed. For this theme, content is vital, thus, it looks awesome on all devices, such as Desktop PCs, iPhone, Smartphone or other mobile devices. Aside from this, you are given the freedom to display part of content on some versions only and conceal others. This is one of the popular and highest quality responsive WordPress theme in the internet.

Website Filterable Portfolio:

Website Filterable Portfolio has four (4) size types. And all type of the theme’s portfolio is fully responsive and can include images, sliders or videos. The items, which are all optional, on a portfolio list may include tags, title and description. The theme also supports all different image proportions in one portfolio. Portfolio items can be filtered dynamically by category or tag. Or you can use pagination instead. Every portfolio item has its own page.

For more information about Website Filterable Portfolio, please visit the theme’s demo site or detailed documentation.

Website unlimited sliders:

Website has three (3) types of unlimited sliders, to wit: full-width slider, slider with two (2) banners and slider plus texts. All these types of sliders can be individual sliders for each page and are fully responsive. Aside from this, they can all be auto played or auto paused at start. They also have video support, touch gestures on mobile devices, optional caption on banners. And their content may be fine-tuned for mobile devices. You may also include optional text for each slide, which is HTML supported. And also include optional text on banners with customizable position. Create unlimited slider items and compile unlimited sliders with them. Visit Website demo site, for more details of its unlimited sliders.

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