WordPress E Store Theme – Hints and Tips

In the past several years WordPress became a most popular platform on the net, and currenlty it became A MUST HAVE for any businessman, who wants to start their business online. I am was doing online business for the last couple years using only WordPress, and it shows amazing results. Google LOVES wordpress. Any other website building system rarely showing better results.
Why is it so? Basically, because WordPress is so widespread, google just can’t miss it.
Wordpress has thousands of plagins and themes, so, with a click of a button you can make your website look like no other.
Currently there is a developing trend of building Estores on WordPress Platform, and more and more business owners switch to it.
Main part of a WordPress is a theme.
Basically it is premade website look, which has been made by someone, who already knows what they are doing – webmasters, designers, SEO specialist. All you need to do to install the WordPress Theme – add it to your hosting, and click Activate.
Piece of cake.
Hardest part is to find the most suitable and flexible wordpress theme, which, after least amount of tweaking you can use.
That is really hard to do.
Build in option in WordPress works so bad, I can’t even describe.


Basically, if you search for Ecommerce – that the only theme you will find, and this theme is not even for ecommerce.

Second, obvious way to search is look at WordPress.org

But even there, you can’t find a good theme – most of them still suited for blogging, even thought WordPress grown out if it a long time ago.

What I usually do is go to Google, and search for terms like

“Ecommerce WordPress Theme


E store WordPress Theme”

Usually this kind of searches works better,

For example first result for Ecommerce WordPress Theme is so called “market Theme”,

which is suitable for lots of ecommerce websites, and you even might end up using it.

But if you are searching something really cool, then I’d recommend to do some more research.

For example, if you look a bit further you can find the so called “Store” theme,

which is great looking minimalistic theme from Templatic


Or Mazine Store from Themeforest

These are both great themes you can use while developing your new Ecommerce store.



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