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WordPress Magazine Themes – Best examples.

When designing your online magazine the one thing that you mustn’t compromise on is its look. Concisely, your magazine has to look elegant and stunning to attract many more readers which is the main reason for you having it online in the first place. For this reason one has to be cautious when choosing WordPress Magazine Themes so that you eventually select a theme or rather themes that will best portray the beauty of your magazine. This can be a very challenging task considering the many WordPress Magazine Themes advertised online today but with expert advice, you can easily know the wordpress magazine theme that your site needs. The following is a list of the most effective wordpress themes for online magazines.

Aggregate WordPress Magazine Theme

The Aggregate WP Theme is full of features and comes with a lot of content that you can use to further develop your magazine. This theme also has advertisement areas where you can effectively post banners and other ads that can help increase the popularity of the magazine as well as give readers the relevant information they may be seeking. The Advertising Management feature mainly what makes Aggregate theme to be quite effectual when it comes to advertising. With this feature, you can easily post 480 × 60 advertisements for instance. Therefore if you are searching for WordPress Magazine Themes that have great advertising options, Aggregate theme is exactly what you need.

Who’s Who Theme

The Who’s Who Theme is basically an advertisement online magazine theme that guarantees the provision of enough space where you can put your banner ads. The theme bases on total space utilization having a relatively small header to maximize on the available web page space. The available white space is properly utilized making your articles easy viewed and appear more professional. Moreover, to ensure easy reading and retrieval of recent posts, there is the custom thumbnail for users of this theme to use. These upsides are what make the theme to be one of the best WordPress Magazine Themes.

 Best WordPress Magazine Themes –Faith

This is among the most popular WordPress Magazine Themes in many religious online magazines. Its outlook is purely religious and all the background templates you can expect from this theme are best suited for a magazine focusing on religion and related issues. However its simplistic yet stylish view is what enables it to still make magazines look their best.


 For people who are trying to figure out the most ideal WordPress Magazine Themes for a high content website magazine, the magic lies with the use of DelicateNews WP theme. To begin with, the theme has a 4 color scheme feature that gives you a wide range of possibilities that you can perform on your magazine as far as color choice and use is concerned. Other features found in this theme include cufon font replacement and blog style layout options.

MyCuisine WordPress Theme

MyCuisine one of the best wordpress magazine themes that talk about food or those that capitalize in writing content on the hotel industry. It has displays of mouthwatering dishes that are nicely portrayed on the web page giving your readers a very welcoming view. The most striking features of this theme include the Menu Section and the Location Page Template. The Menu section gives one effective options for listing products that you offer while location page template is mainly for business marketing where visitors can obtain vital info about your business such as contacts and operating hours.

Best wordpress Magazine Themes – Glow Theme

This is an eye catching theme which comes packed with 4 color schemes that give you many color customization possibilities. The theme has an exceptional balance and use of white that makes content on your magazine to not only be easily and clearly viewed but to also have a striking appeal. Another advantage of having this theme is that it has easy and excellent navigation options that ensure all your readers can access your posts with ease. Generally, it’s among the WordPress Magazine Themes that have great color quality and many options/features for proper development of your magazine.

Pure Magazine  

Pure Magazine theme comes in handy when looking for WordPress Magazine Themes for effective online magazine advertising. This theme does not only allow one to post as many ads as possible but also gives your advertisements a classical look that can cinch that they will catch the attention of anyone who looks their way. On the other hand, you can quite easily stick your posts using Pure Magazine Theme hence you do not need to have any professional background to use the theme effectively.


This theme has a great layout design but one that can be easily customized according to the users preference. Some of the main features that come along with this theme comprise of custom post options and a 3 color scheme. It’s one of the perfect WordPress Magazine Themes for online magazine customization allowing users the freedom of utilizing a lot of customization possibilities. Lastly, it is very easy to read posts or watch videos using this theme for it has a slider specifically designed for posts and videos.

Magazine Theme  

This is mainly a news wordpress theme that if particularly programmed to ensure that your readers are easily accessed to all the posts in your online magazine. Also, the Magazine theme employs a threaded feature for posting comments that makes it possible for viewers to see all the comment that have been made by previous readers. Concisely it is more of a content based theme hence among the most appropriate WordPress Magazine Themes for running a high content website magazine.

Magasin Uno Reloaded

Magasin Uno Reloaded is one of the WordPress Magazine Themes for people who are thinking of starting magazine websites but are out of ideas on how they can build up on their content. This is because the theme comes with a content gallery among its features. Another great feature you will have access to with this theme is tabbed widgets.

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