Choosing The Best WordPress Ecommerce Theme For You

Which Cool WordPress ecommerce theme do you like?

WordPress ecommerce themes makes your online shopping store lavish and extravagant. You can design according to the type of business you are going to display. There are various online shopping stores like for books, coupons, your own product, cloths, toys, cosmetics, music and many more. If you own a kids’ cloth online store than a wordpress ecommerce theme that is meant solely for kids store is what you’ll need. Although there are bundles of wordpress themes designed each day, there a few that are just for kids clothing, toys and other options. Balita wordpress ecommerce theme is one of them. Following is given full description of this beautiful and expressive wordpress theme.


WordPress ecommerce theme – Balita

This wordpress ecommerce theme is designed by Tokokoo. It is released under GPL; this premium theme was released in an online magazine and is fortunately totally free of cost. This theme is specially designed for kid’s online stores. It is neat and expresses your product very clearly without any mess on the page.


Balita wordpress ecommerce theme is designed in such a way that nothing is compromised. It contains all the grand options that are essential for an online store. Brand logo setting and navigation options are very clear. Every single product page is clean of other dealings as contents are displayed on left side and cart on the right side. This gives customer extra space to concentrate more on product.

Prominent features of Balita: wordpress ecommerce theme

There are some main features that make this theme stand out.

Wordpess ecommerce plug-in: wordpress ecommerce theme

This plug in allows you to take your online store to wordpress ecommerce.

Custom shopping cart: wordpress ecommerce theme

Customized shopping cart give customers a quick view on the total amount spent and also on the products they purchased.

Product list with grid view: wordpress ecommerce theme

With this feature customer can easily view product and compare it with general price.

HTML5 + CSS3 optimized: wordpress ecommerce theme

Everyone knew of both of these tech tools and the benefit they give to an online store. They are main feature of the Balita wordpress ecommerce theme.

Ads banner: wordpress ecommerce theme

With the help of this feature you cannot just earn money by selling featured products but also can make every inch of your website precious by showing ads, banners and promotions.

Slide show of the products: wordpress ecommerce theme

This feature allows you to display a slide show of all the featured products present on your online store.

Blog: wordpress ecommerce theme

This is a great way to get good Google ranking. Google panda is very fond of content so just fill it with relevant information and you’ll get high rank on search engine.

Multiple widget areas: wordpress ecommerce theme

Balita wordpress ecommerce theme allows you to place widgets on any area of your website.

Facebook integration: wordpress ecommerce theme

This allows you to feature your product to the biggest social networking site thus giving your online store more exposure. Balita is fully loaded wordpress ecommerce theme that helps you expose your business to a high range.

Another great wordpress ecommerce theme is – so called FreshShop, made by ThemeForest company.

This is very clean, nice looking theme, with full ecommerce support, and groovy design, that will allow your customers instanly see your featured products – right at the time they get to your website, this way you will not lose any potencial buyers, and get as many customers as possible.

The home page design will also allow to add comments to any pictures, so you can promote discounts, spot best products, and so on.


  • 3 Different cool sliders.
  • Ability to add custom pages
  • 11 Different custom widgets
  • Localisation – you would be able to use this theme even on foreign markets.
  • Nonbranded – no annoying footer links.
  • All of the original theme photoshop files – which is allow you to customize the theme design the way you want, or redesign, and sell it to other company.
  • Ability to add sections and galleries.
Next good Ecommerce theme – is called Estore by Elegant Themes.

This theme will allow you to build your custom store online.

It present a new era in WordPress ecommerce.

  • Ability to customize thumbnail images
  • Five different color schemes
  • Ecommerce integration
  • Clean design
  • Featured products
  • All browsers compatible
  • Valid XHTML + CSS
  • Easy Advertising management
  • Page Templates – Create Contact us page without any additional work, installing extra plugins, or embeding shortcodes.
  • Full support, and updates from the Developer’s team.
  • All that bundled with over 70 more different themes for one yearly payment of $39 – Best offer on a market at this moment.
  • The reason, why I love this theme, is not only because its sleek design, options, and all this addtional perks, but let’s be honest – because It is so darn cheap. In this tough times I don’t want to shell out $80 every time I need to install cool theme on my new blog or website. All I do is log in into Elegant Themes panel, choose the theme, that fits my website topic best, download, and install it. It’s that easy. And it’s really hard to find a topic, they don’t have a theme for.
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