Quick and cheap way to get a Professional WordPress Design

Organic - Premium WordPress Themes
Organic - Premium WordPress Themes

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Elegant Themes – Perfect for Businesses and Professionals Alike

Elegant themes review

Small business owners and website developers both know that when it comes to websites, ugly doesn’t sell. That’s why Elegant Themes WordPress themes are so perfect for both types of user: small business owners get an beautiful theme on a platform that’s easy to manage, and website developers get beautiful themes that make their websites stand out.

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How to Create a website of your dream for less than $50

Organic - Premium WordPress Themes
Organic - Premium WordPress Themes

I’ve created over 20 different websites with wordpress, which saved me at least $10 000 in website creation, as well as post creation service, support and help from a programmers. 

Why am I writing this post?

1 To show you the way to find a great looking designs, and then create a websites from it.

2 To help you represent your business on the web.

3 To show you that it is easier than you think it might be.

In short there are 2 parts – finding great wordpress design (theme), and installing it on a blank wordpress.

How to find a great looking design.

1 You can simply go to to website called Themeforest – and they have lots of different themes:



2 Choose your business niche:


3 Pick the best one (I usually sort by amount of sales):



4 Find the one you like

(You can find this theme by clicking on the link here)


5 Checkout

6 Find your files

You go to your downloads (http://themeforest.net/downloads), and get the theme files:


Install the design to your brand new wordpress.

1 To do so you can go to Fiverr:

2 Search it:



3 Choose the gig with good rating:



4 Order gig

Then provide guy details of your hosting, send him files you just downloaded.

And you got your website for just about $45 to $60.

Usually to complete it you will need to add the text about your services, images, and do a little tweaking but it could be done in couple hours manually.




Yopta Theme From Tesla Themes.

Organic - Premium WordPress Themes
Organic - Premium WordPress Themes


Yopta is a brand new wordpress theme from Tesla Themes.

It is quite a weird name for the theme, but if you know that its creators from Russia.. then it might clear your sight a little bit.

Yopta is something that russian will say when he sees something unpredictable, or just would like to make the point in the argument. Also, if he likes what he sees infront of him, that is the exclamation you will hear.

Great for Blog, portfolio, business site, agency, photography site or any other similar website. Yopta has a bold, modern design that will fit perfectly your blog or website.
Yopta Portfolio look

Yopta is a Creative WordPress Theme with bold, sharp, responsive design and lots of unique features powered by Tesla Framework. It includes the latest version of Revolution slider (with the awesome Parallax effect), a beautiful portfolio with 5 different versions, video support in blog posts and portfolio items, a stylish “Members” area, WPML compatibility and much more.

Revolution slider

Yopta is packed with the amazing Revolution Slider (worth $19, included for Free) with awesome transitions effects, animations, 3D effects and a handy drag & drop editor to easily customize and add images, videos and effects to your home page slider.

Yopta contacts view

Yopta is powered by Tesla Framework, a powerful administration tool that comprises all our great features and allows you to easily customize the look and functionality of your theme, without advanced knowledge of programming. It gives you the possibility to customize and manage your theme settings from a dedicated area within your WordPress Admin.

Check out some of the cool features that Yopta theme has to offer:


Yopta Countdown view


Yopta Home Page

Sevenfold – A new Multipurpose theme By TeslaThemes

Organic - Premium WordPress Themes
Organic - Premium WordPress Themes



The guys at TeslaThemes have recently launched Sevenfold – a new multipurpose WordPress theme with great design and features.


Sevenfold is powered by Tesla Framework and is packed with Revolution slider and a brand new drag & drop form builder making it super easy to customize. Normally, the price of Revolution Slider is $19 but with this theme you will get it for free.


Sevenfold comes with 3 versions of home page, 4 versions of portfolio page, 3 versions of team pages, pricing tables, alerts and many more features.


Live Demo


Sevenfold WP slider

General Features

  • 12 columns grid
  • WPML compatible
  • Drag & drop form builder
  • 5 custom widgets
  • 10 custom post
  • Font icons
  • Google Web Fonts
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Cross Browser Optimization
  • Well-commented code

Sevenfold slide4
Great looking design:
Sevenfold slide3


Sevenfold slide2


High Resolution Full size images:
Sevenfold slide1
Fully SEO optimized
sevenfold preview








Live Demo

How to Find a WP theme for Health Clinics and Medical Offices?

Organic - Premium WordPress Themes
Organic - Premium WordPress Themes

Nowadays there are themes and templates for every business in the world, this way it allows you to open up a website with just a several clicks of a mouse, saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your web presence.

And of course there are themes for Healh Clinics and Medical offices.

One of them, called MedPak from Tesla Themes, is one of the easiest to set up as well as best designed.

Here is some of its images: 
medpak theme teslamedpak theme

As you can see, there are not that many health facilities, that have such a fancy and quality designed websites, and it could be yours, even if you are very low on budget.

It allows you to add all the available services you currently have, manage testimonials, set up an appointments, as well as allow you to show availability of doctors and their working hours.

I would also like to mention, that it allows any of the visitors to share your page on the social network of their preference.


To see the live demo click here

Medical office theme



What are the Great Landing Page Theme?

Organic - Premium WordPress Themes
Organic - Premium WordPress Themes

One on the themes I’ve recently stumbled upon, which stand out with its beautiful and clear design called Biznex. This theme was made by famous Tesla Themes company, which produces stunning clean designed themes for WordPress. I was really amazed by the quality of the theme, its design responsiveness, and amount of work the team inputted into it. Here is a few glumpse into that theme:biznex2biznexbiznex theme    The theme has everything to represent your business: Parallax effects, custom posts, fixed navigation, cool portfolio, and much more… Some of the most exciting features, everyone likes about the Tesla Themes, is their responsive design.

After the flood of iPads, iPhones, Android phones, which comes with all the screen sizes you can imagine, good ol regular design is not that good anymore – what looks great on PC screen looks very small on iPhone. That’s when responsive design comes into play. The idea behind it is to change the website layout, so it appears nicely on any screen size. It rearranges pictures, navigation, post titles in the way, so the website still viewable on that device, so every visitor will be able to get to your content, order page, or langing page, and do the action, that you want (ether read, order, or leave an email).

What is also great about this theme, is that it could be customized for any needs, such as landing page, by removing the blocks, that are irrelevant and simply leaving the one that is suitable such as 1 First fold with its beautiful background image and long title. 2. About us part, and process path 3 Map, and contact us. All that you need after little mingling with its settings – insert the text, and your pictures, and turn on flow of traffic. That simple.

What’s even more exciting – all that beauty comes at the cost of just a 2 meals in restaurants, or 1 hour work of any programmer you hire to code your website, or 10 caramel macchiato from nearby Starbucks. To see the theme – click on this link, or simply copy and paste it into your browser –  http://bit.ly/biznextheme

Tesla Themes Mega Giveaway! Get $1400 Worth Of Prizes!

Organic - Premium WordPress Themes
Organic - Premium WordPress Themes

On 25th of May, Tesla Themes celebrating our 1st Year Anniversary, and with this occasion, they are hosting a Mega giveaway, with prizes worth $1400 and an iPad mini with Retina display (the Big prize).

In the end of Givaway They will pick  5 lucky winners: each of 4 winners will get the bundle with tools, themes, plugins, etc., and1 lucky winner will get the Big Prize (iPad Mini + bundle).


Also, In this limited period of time they will be offering all themes and subscription plans at a promotional price of $14.99

To participate in the giveaway, click HERE.

How To Get Elegant Themes Developer’s License Worth $89?

Organic - Premium WordPress Themes
Organic - Premium WordPress Themes

As you might know from time to time we are promoting a new themes from well know developers such as Elegant Themes.

We would like to let you know, that they are working on a new great theme, called Divi 2. Divi 1 was a bestseller for a long time, but now it is time to move on, and they are developed the theme that will be better than ever.

And because of that, we are decided to host a giveaway.

We give away 3 Developer’s licenses. Worth $89 Each.

All you need to do to enter the giveaway, is to like, share or tweet this post.

Winners will be randomly chosen from the list, and will get their linceses from Elegant Themes!


To see the theme, you can check this link:

Divi Theme

Some more info about Divi 2 itself:

Features, the theme have:

The Divi Builder:

Build the WordPress Page the way you want!



New Theme Options:

Enhanced header, layout, and navigation:



Divi Modules:




Click this link – Divi Sneek Peak to find out more.


How to get $751 Worth оf plugins, tools and themes?

Organic - Premium WordPress Themes
Organic - Premium WordPress Themes

Tesla Themes Giveaway is here!

Massive Giveaway Announced: Win 2 WordPress plugins + 1 Photoshop plugin + 1 flat icon set + 2 prototyping tools + 1 collaboration platform + 3 Premium WordPress Themes. Total worth = $751.

Whether you are a WordPress user or an skilled developer, you have probably came to the point when you needed a good WordPress plugin, a beautiful theme, some premium icon sets, a mockup builder or other tools to enrich your website’s touch and feel.

To help you out, we partnered with the leading providers on the market and are giving away a massive bundle that includes some great plugins, tools and themes with a total value of $751. Each of 5 lucky winners will get a mega bundle, so hurry up, the giveaway ends on 29th of March, 2014.


Period of time: From 18th March, 2014 to 29th March, 2014
Prize: 3 plugins + 1 flat icon set + 2 prototyping tools + 1 collaboration platform + 3 WordPress Themes
Winners: 5 lucky users


Simply follow this link


– 1 license of FooBox WordPress plugin from FooPlugins – a fully responsive media lightbox WordPress plugin, to make your images, videos, and HTML content look beautiful on all devices. $27 worth

foobox plugin

– 1 license of Event Espresso WordPress Plugin – a great Event Registration & Ticketing Management Plugin for WordPress. $89.95 worth

event espresso plugin

– 1 license of Flat Icon Set from Web Icon Set – a wonderful icon set comprising 100 flat icons with an emphasis on simplicity. $25 worth

flat icon set

– 1 license of Subtle Patterns plugin – a Photoshop plugin which integrates an immense library of beautiful patterns in Photoshop. $11.99 worth

subtle patterns plugin

– 1 license of Mockup Builder – a prototyping solution that helps design software or websites while reducing the time and cost spent on the negotiation stage. $168/year

mockup builder

– 1 license from proto.io – an online prototyping tool, that makes it super easy to create “real” looking mobile prototypes with animated interactions, gestures, transitions, scrolling and much more. Value $174/6 months.


– 1 license from InVisionApp.com – a leading design collaboration platform. Built to foster collaboration and iteration, it helps you design, review and user-test a website before writing a single line of code. Value $180


– 3 Premium WordPress themes from TeslaThemes (Novelty, Universe, Zoomy). $105 worth

TeslaThemes home

Click Here and enter the givaway!

Best Lead Capture WordPress Themes

Organic - Premium WordPress Themes
Organic - Premium WordPress Themes

3 Best Lead Capture Themes.

One of the best lead capture themes:

Revive WordPress Theme

Turn visitors into prospects with the prominent homepage lead capture. Install the theme in just one click and enjoy the instant flow of new customers to your autoresponder or CRM.

Revive WordPress Theme Features:

The theme have been developed to be as easy to install, setup and use as possible.  Each theme has been rigorously tested to be compatible with all the most popular internet browsers. The next generation WordPress themes come packed to the rafters with features that empower you with the right tools to create a professional looking website.

Revive WordPress Theme Social Media Interaction:

Connect your social life to your WordPress blog or website with the social media integration options.

Ink WordPress Themes – WordPress Theme with Built in Lead Capture

Built-in Lead capture form at the top header section (no extra coding or plugin required). Leads data will store directly into your WordPress dashboard as well as you will receive an email in your inbox. Single click theme installation. It’s extremely easy to setup. Lead form guard with anti spam check method. You will get a true list of your customer. Responsive to all kind of mobile and tablet devices.

built-in lead capture, ink wordpress theme, wordpress, wordpress themes, responsive theme, ink themes

Ink WordPress Themes Features:

20 Professional designed logo for different niches (both PSD and PNG format). You can edit as per your need. 50 Professional images to turn your website to any different niche. You can easily put your contact detail on the top right corner of the page. Built-in tap to call feature for mobile devices. Ready gallery template, blog template and contact page template. Extremely easy user interface and admin panel.

built-in lead capture, ink wordpress theme, wordpress, wordpress themes, responsive theme, ink themes

Ink WordPress Theme Social Media Interaction:

Fill your detail and your website is ready with social logo for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest on the upper right corner. Embed you Youtube, Vimeo video directly on your home page. Footer area supports widgets so that you can place any image, video, text or any thing you like to have.

built-in lead capture, ink wordpress theme, wordpress, wordpress themes, responsive theme, ink themes

Appointway WordPress Theme – Appointment Booking WordPress Theme

Appointway is a simple appointment booking theme. Business owners from different fields will love to use this theme for their business website. With Appointway theme, you can prevent double bookings. Appointway Theme is smart. Once a particular time slot is booked. It is moved out from the available booking slot to prevent multiple bookings. Moreover, if you need an option to book multiple times For example: 2 times on a particular time slot you can set that as well.

appointway theme, wordpress, wordpress themes, appointment booking theme, simple theme, smart theme

Appointway WordPress Theme Features:

Appointway is a very simple to use theme integrated with complete appointment booking system which includes collection of payments, email delivery on successful appointments and you can easily define the date and time slots for different services. Appointway theme is completely responsive. It can be easily customized and has various simple styling color options. Moreover, it will save the time and make things flexible for the users.

appointway theme, wordpress, wordpress themes, appointment booking theme, simple theme, smart theme

Appointway Appointment Scheduling & Booking

The Appointway theme is very simple and easy to use and any business professional can create the website without any difficulty. It requires a single click installation and your website will be ready within no time. Moreover, the theme provides flexibility to the users. Any user can book an appointment by simply submitting the appointment form displaying on the home page sidebar and you can insert the appointment slot in any theme you want. It will be also easier for the user to know about the timings, contact details, address and location of the business displaying on the website. Multiple images displaying on the slider (with Play and Pause option) will represent a clear picture of your business of the clients.

appointway theme, wordpress, wordpress themes, appointment booking theme, simple theme, smart theme

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