How To Create Professional WordPress Design Without Spending a Fortune?

A helpful guide on how to create a custom Professional WordPress Design in 2022 without spending thousands of dollars and without knowing how to code at all.  

Elegant Themes – For Businesses and Professionals who would want their voice to be heard and seen the way they want.

professional wordpress design

Small business owners and website developers both know that when it comes to websites, ugly websites don’t sell. That’s why Elegant Themes WordPress themes are so perfect for both types of users.

First – small business owners, who are looking to decrease their cost to start a business website by using WordPress CMS platform. Who are looking for something customely designed for their needs, a WordPress theme on a platform that’s easy to manage.

Second – professionals who would want to share their expertiese, add more followers by creating their own website, which they can control without any restrictions from

So, why choose Elegant Themes? Let’s take a closer look:


There are a lot of free themes out there. The problem is that many of them contain embedded links to less than reputable websites, and some of them have malicious code embedded. Elegant Themes doesn’t add any external code in their WordPress themes. You can rest assured that no matter which theme you choose, you won’t have illicit links or unintended redirects.

professional wordpress design


You found a great theme, bought it, and then you figured that you want something else. If you know how to code, then that’s fine, you can change it the way you want,  but if can’t do that, then money wasted – you have to look for another theme. Elegant Themes offers all of its themes for one small yearly payment. And, the creator adds their themes every month or so, and you have access to every single one of them. So, if you find a different theme in the member’s area that you like better, you won’t have to spend additional money.

professional wordpress design

Easily Customizable

You don’t need experience in creating themes, or a lot of time, to customize a theme for yourself. Each WordPress theme comes with pre-made color schemes, layout options, navigation management, search engine optimization and more. No more spending hours trying to change one or two colors, or discounting a theme because you wanted a specific layout. Elegant Themes allows you to customize these options, including the navigation menus and advertising, allowing you complete control.

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professional wordpress design

Excellent Support

Elegant Themes stands behind their themes, and makes sure that all of them are compatible, not only with the latest WordPress release, but also with the most recent web browsers. Regardless of whether you’re building one small business site, or developing professionally, you can be sure that every theme you have is as up to date as possible. And, if you find an error in any theme, you can report it to Elegant Themes, and they will fix it as rapidly as they can.

So, small business owner, or professional developer, it doesn’t matter; Elegant Themes has beautiful, professional themes available for you at an affordable yearly rate.

professional wordpress design

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