Looking for Light weight and SuperFast Theme?

I am an Elegant Themes Subscriber.

And I love, that every month they  roll out a new, even more exciting theme, than they had before.

This time it is all about been Fast, Responsive, and Easy.

So, what’s new?

Elegant Themes just Rolled out their brand new theme – Trim

With a new old trend on the rise – mobile getting more and more traction, and if you want your website been able to compete – you should  start looking at the themes like this one.

 What to Look For, When Choosing Mobile Theme?

What you should look for when choosing the mobile theme for your blog? Imagine yourself on the place of the mobile user. Or simply open your website on your shiny iPhone 4s or iPad.

Is it fast enough? Does your media scaled right, so mobile user can see it?

Are you able to navigate easily through your website? Or you can’t even get to that article, you wrote 3 days ago?

These are very important factors.  Imagine a visitor, who is loading to your website on his phone. What he can’t find what he looking for? Does your navigation help? What if you website loading for 10 seconds? Would YOU wait till it done, or just go to another one?

If your theme  – Fast, Responsive, Easy to navigate, Read, and use, then you good. No need to do anything else. Concentrate on delivering value to your readers.

But, if one of this factors is not the way, you want it to be, then probably it bugs your visitors as well. This is might be the time to  reconsider this 2 y.o. theme, your WordPress website currently runs on.

Back to Trim Theme. What is so good about it?

Easy to use:

Elegant Themes are easy to use, have an extensive support, simple admin panel, and lots of perks, that allow you to set up your new website design in just about 20 minutes.

Fast Responsive Design:

Here is quote from Elegant Themes blog:

Trim features a fully responsive design. This means that the theme will adapt to various screen sizes to insure that your content is readable on any device. The theme will display beautifully on your desktop computer, as well as your mobile phone. The theme even includes different designs for portrait and landscape modes.

It is even adapts for iPad screens. Amount of tablet users is on the rise. And it will only grow more, so you want your blog or website to be as accessible as possible to them.


This theme been stripped down to bare bones to work as fast as possible. And this is the feature you looking for, if you want to attract mobile users. Remember, they have even shorter attention spans, than the desktop users, who will devote to your website the whole 30 seconds of their time, if it is loads fast enough.

Fully Customizable:

Like any Elegant Theme – you can customize it the way you want in the same 20 minutes. Add header, sidebars, make the magazine or blog layout. All that is simply accessible through state of the art Elegant Themes Admin panel.


Check this out:


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