What Are Premium WordPress Themes?

What are Premium WordPress themes?

Most of the time difference between premium WordPress theme and a regular one in its design, and usability. It is hard to find a good free WordPress theme, that has been customized for specific topic or niche. For example photography gallery, or real estate, or dentist or some other very narrow topic. It requires extra mind power from a developer, and, sometimes a specific knowledge of a topic.

That’s where premium WordPress themes takes its place. Usually it means that some developer (or a company) spent time developing a theme specifically for this market, consulting with users of this niche and implemented exactly what they were asking for. And a company or a developer wants to get paid for its efforts. So, the main difference between premium WordPress themes and regular free theme – its specificity, and a range of features, build only for this niche or market.

For example – let’s say you are a photographer, and would like to showcase your portfolio. The best template would be the one which allows you to create a gallery, add information about the photo – such as where it has been taken, which effects has been implemented, and allow to contact the photographer in regards to his services. Or even gives an ability to sell the photos right from the theme.

Another good example is a WordPress membership theme. Theme that allow you to create a membership site, and take payments from each member.

There are some free themes in this niche, but they are not as good as paid one. Because developers who build paid theme can do that full time and dedicate much more resources to implement features that people requested.

Also, some of the companies, such as Elegant Themes with its Divi theme building an engine, that allows you to deeply customize theme, and make it the way you want without ever touching the code inside of it.

With a use of just buttons, scrollbars, and ticks you are modifying your WordPress site so deep, that not a single person ever recognize original Divi template. And all that deep customization requires several coders to work hard to deliver this ability. Of course Elegant Themes will ask for some reimbursement for their efforts. And if we are talking just about their price policy it is still the cheapest on the market – for all 87 themes, including Divi they are asking just $89.

What are premium WordPress themes – samples

Some samples of the premium WordPress themes can be found on Tesla Themes website:

They offer a wide range of custom niche WordPress themes such as:

Resume Theme – if you want to create a good looking online resume: 


Or a MedPark – theme build for medics and hospitals:


Good example of niche customized WordPress theme.  A theme for realtors by Elegant Themes, called:

Elegant Estate


Another niche specific theme is a theme to promote apps – MyApp. Build by Elegant Themes as well:


What are premium wordpress themes? Hopefully now you know the answer.

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