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Wrap Bootstrap – Color Admin


Why Wrap Bootstrap? Bootstrap is getting more and more traction in website development, and one of the leading CMS systems get the push from a younger generation mobile friendly customizable and hip system.
When you want to revamp your admin panel, or website overall look first thing you do is look for a possible options.
And when you look for something new, usually, it is hard to find every option in one place.


When we are talking about Bootstrap – place to start would be Start Bootstrap but it has a very limited choice of options, and if you try to search for admin dashboard template for example it is nowhere to be found.
So best place to go if you want to have a full choice would be site called WrapBootstrap, They offer a wide range of bootstrap templates, including admin bootstrap templates in a wide range of options.  Some of these bootstrap templates are free or cheaper than a cup of starbucks coffee. Some of them are paid, but comparing with a regular price of website development they are offering unbeatable value.

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