SimplaAdmin – Professional Admin WordPress Template

Simpla Admin – a Professional Admin WordPress Template:

Simpla Admin, a professional admin template, has an elegant and user-friendly interface. The theme’s variety of flexible and intuitive jQuery functions lets the user easily navigate its interface.

This theme has valid XHTML & CSS Script and comes in 3 different color schemes like Green, Blue & Red. It has semantic design & liquid layout template and has a well commented & lightweight code. It is easy to customize whereas it uses very few plugin scripts. With this theme, jQuery Powered applications were used. And it has large, visual shortcut menu buttons with tweaked hover animation.

Simpla Admin Additional Features:

Simpla Admin flexibility and user-friendliness is due to its bunch of features. This theme uses a smart content box, which is either tabbed content or minimizable header, meaning you can click the box title to minimize. It also works with an accordion Main Menu and a modal window on any element. It also includes the closable notifications with smooth animation and large, visual shortcut buttons. Aside from this, the template also utilizes a WYSIWYG Editor on any textarea.

For more of Simpla Admin Features, please the theme’s demo site.

Simpla Admin Version 1.02:

Simpla Admin is using version 1.02 as its latest version. In this version, the template utilizes very few plugin scripts (most functions are hand coded) so the code is very lightweight and easy to manage/modify. Aside from this, an update was implemented on this version as regards to its content boxes functionality. The template content boxes were then polished in its minimizing function and that these boxes can be closable. Visit Simpla Admin demo site, for more details.

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