3 Free WordPress Ecommerce Themes. Improve Your Sales!

Free wordpress ecommerce themes

WordPress ecommerce themes are more than just a beautiful background of your business website.

Whatever business you may wish to depict with the help of your website, you can get all-in-one websites with just a little search.

Well to make your search cut down here we are sharing a bunch of good and really free wordpress ecommerce themes.

These themes will add extra spice to your website. Now whether you run a whisky brand, shoe store, clothing, cosmetic, ice-cream,

a big entrepreneur or a small home based business you can get wordpress ecommerce themes in just one click.

Kelontong: wordpress ecommerce themes

It is a blackish gray theme totally business oriented in its looks. It contains some much modified features and is recently updated to a newer version.

Features of Kelontong: wordpress ecommerce themes

– Simple and sleek layout.

– Multi browser compatibility.

– incorporated with wordpress ecommerce.

– Horizontal and vertical layouts for product image.

– Widget side bar

– And many more

Wp store: wordpress ecommerce themes

Installing Wpstore wordpess ecommerce transform your ecommerce completely into an updated business. It’s simple yet elegant design make it one of the favorite in the world of wordpress ecommerce themes. This theme in particular is mostly used for electronic goods.

Features of Wpstore: wordpress ecommerce themes

– Very easy installation as compare to other wordpress ecommerce themes.

– One click setting adjustments.

– Very easy to use for beginners.

– Very simple to use for customers.

– Customer oriented design.

– Minimally managed buttons, text, colors and all such otherwise neglected options.

– Best performance with simplest functions.

– allows you different sorts of shopping cart.

– you can customize your simple shopping cart buy allowing customer either add all of the products they purchase to their cart or take them directly with each purchase to the check out store.

– There is a special digital shop option for your customers that buy digital products. Now you do not have to involve third party in delivering digital apps to your customers account. This feature is especially beneficial for those wordpress ecommerce themes that sell technical and electrical products.

– For those who just want to showcase their products rather than directly online selling them, you can activate catalog mode. By clicking this button customers will send and an inquiring message rather than directly purchasing specific product.

– There is a blog to add content so that you can get attention of Google panda as well.

Bangkoo: wordpress ecommerce themes

This is one of the best wordpress ecommerce themes made by tokokoo. The word Bangkoo is an Indonesian word that means “chair”. So the name itself defines for what this theme is made. You can showcase your home, office, indoor, patio and outdoor furniture with the help of this theme.

Features of Bangkoo: wordpress ecommerce themes

– It contains big images with calm and tranquil color scheme.

– HTML5 + CSS3 markup.

– It gives you five widgetized areas, two in footer and three in side bars.

– You can use big featured image for introduction of your website.

– Filterable by product and category.

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